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Moar cupcaeks

I’ve been asked to make 100 mini cupcakes for a party next month, so I thought I had better make a practice batch… I normally make giant cupcakes, more akin to muffins, but I think the smaller versions are actually a bit better – much less sickly. These cupcakes were supposed to have pillarbox red […]


I’m not quite sure why I blog any more (which I suppose is evident in my lack of posts). I’m just not sure I see the point. Anyway, this is all I have to show for the last couple of months, craft-wise. Mittens On A String This was a nice little pattern to knit – […]

Week 11

I know I am being a MASSIVE FAIL of a blogger. I should be on week 32 of Project52. I’m being a massive fail in many ways at the moment. Finally, a finished project I FINALLY finished the baby blanket I started in APRIL. I didn’t get it finished before the recipient was born (I […]

Week 8-10

Yep, it may be cheating, counting one project as three weeks’ worth of my Project 52 thing*, but I made the rules and that’s how I’m rollin’. Wee baby blanket, idea nicked frominspired by gingergooseberry I had to rip rows, nay, whole squares, out so many times, I’m really surprised that I did actually finish […]

Week 7

I know I’m getting further and further behind with my Project52 challenge, but I’ve been busy with exams, assessments, coursework and a hell of a lot of procrastinating recently. I mean, I’m usually procrastinating, but I like to think at least I’ve had a valid(ish) reason 😉 Anyway, I have finally finished a project 🙂 […]

Week 6

More Ribbed baby socks Week 6 was a bit of a cop-out – more baby socks. But I’m trying to catch up, and they were a quick, easy knit, I promise there are more interesting projects in the pipeline, honest. I need my yarn winder to start on one (a pitiful excuse, but I’m going […]

Week 4

… A wee bit belated, but the last week or so just hasn’t really happened, so I’ve been catching up today. When I first thought of doing a project a week, I imagined me doing lots of little things – baby socks (!), the odd pair of mittens, relatively small things. but I also wanted […]

Week 3

This week’s project was a bit of a cop-out… More Two Tone Baby Socks – the same colour as last week’s project, I just couldn’t get the lighting right, boo! … as I had a rather busy weekend. First stop was Gallipoli Bazaar in Islington – a lovely (albeit somewhat pricey for a student!) little […]

Week 2

Well this week I actually did a project without bending the rules of my “Project52” challenge (not quite the same as a “365”, but I’m rolling with it). Two Tone Socks – pattern by Debbie Bliss I’m chuffed with these – I had two-colour socks in mind but I was a bit wary of how […]

Week 1

I’m counting last week as the first week of my “Do one project a week” challenge. And I’ve already sort of bent the rules a bit. I moved to London at the weekend, so things have been a bit hectic, and technically I haven’t really completed a project during the week, BUT I am going […]