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In the last couple of months…

… I have baked… … and baked… … and baked. I’ve also done a fair bit of reading… … and have completed one of my New Year’s Resolutions already! I’ve been on a bit of a book-buying spree recently, so have plenty more books from the list to get through. Oh, and I went to […]

Week 2

Well this week I actually did a project without bending the rules of my “Project52” challenge (not quite the same as a “365”, but I’m rolling with it). Two Tone Socks – pattern by Debbie Bliss I’m chuffed with these – I had two-colour socks in mind but I was a bit wary of how […]

Week 1

I’m counting last week as the first week of my “Do one project a week” challenge. And I’ve already sort of bent the rules a bit. I moved to London at the weekend, so things have been a bit hectic, and technically I haven’t really completed a project during the week, BUT I am going […]


In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to start reading Of Mice And Men after spending almost six months reading Emma. I finished Of Mice And Men in a day, which is almost unheard of for me. Granted, it’s a short book, but even for a short book to hold my attention […]

More reasons why I’m a bad blogger

My Lego collection has been expanding 😳 I’ve started back at uni – coupled with a 4 hour commute every day (!) I’m normally too tired to do much worth blogging about! 🙁 Buuuut, I have managed to finish reading Emma (which I started reading in June 😳 ) – Good GOD that was hard […]

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this yet…

I FINISHED MOBY DICK! It only took me 6 months, but I finally finished Moby Dick, a couple of weeks ago. I feel like a philistine for saying it, but it was such. a. slog. I am so glad to have finished it, I didn’t enjoy it at all :/ I think it’s the sort […]

Cupcakes, om nom nom!

Om nom nom! These are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing from Cupcakes From The Primrose Bakery. I’m chuffed with how these came out – moist and fluffy, just as cupcakes should be! These are so much easier to make now I have a hand mixer – the first batch I tried I did entirely by […]

The Hobbit – DONE…

… A while ago! I know the photos of the books are a bit surplus to requirement, but I hate pictureless posts! I tried to read Lord Of The Rings years ago and didn’t get past the first chapter – I just found it too hard-going. So I wasn’t looking forward to reading The Hobbit, […]

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – Done!

I finished Captain Corelli’s Mandolin! I will openly admit, I have never cried so much whilst reading a book before. I enjoyed reading it so much, and I think any book that causes such a reaction deserves kudos. Photo from Wikipedia I highly recommend this book, although I would suggest you have a box of […]

The finished product

Available here! Available here! I added the bows and think they look pretty, in an understated way. I didn’t want to overegg the pudding, as it were. I also started reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin yesterday – I shall reserve judgement until I have read more! So far, I am intrigued. x