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(Mark II)

I seem to have accumulated bits and pieces to blog about, so this is an update/catch up/odd and ends sorting-type post. My room is almost finished – just waiting for the wardrobe materials to arrive and a trip to Ikea, ja. Mmmmm, paper crafts So Mum and I went to get a dimmer switch and […]

Half way…

One finished Fetching .2 mitten I’ve just realised calling it “Fetching .2” suggests there’s another version of the pattern. There isn’t. I just can’t get it right in one attempt. Close-up of the cables Progress on the room – first coat of paint is on! I blame my current lack of productivity on the painting. […]

I should have…

… Simply numbered my posts, therefore negating the need to think up post titles. First sewing since September! These coasters are fairly quick and easy to put together (bearing in mind I’m not at all confident with sewing) and you may remember Mum made some before Christmas which are ever so handy. So with lots […]

Spot the difference

Just not meant to be, maybe? So, I had to frog it and cast on again. Then as I cast off I realised I’d not done the very last cable of the final cable round. No matter, I thought. I can just make that the left glove so the mistake is palm-side down. After wearing […]

Mmmm, WIPS…

Oh yes. Sirdar pattern, yarn and needles all begging to be knit up So of course I just HAD to cast on and get started… This was the progress after two evenings, when I should have been writing History essays And one more picture, just because I can. The camera made me do it. First […]

New crafty obsession?

Rubber stamps and ink pads Alas, I’ve discovered that The Range (A chain of stores that sells random crap, to be honest) also stocks a multitude of rubber stamps and ink pads. All really cheap. Need I say more? Swap package from Emily LOVE IT! There’s a fabulous dress pattern, (I’ve never used a pattern […]

C’est fini!

Branching Out Finished! I’m so happy with how this turned out – blocking worked a treat. I was quite nervous about blocking, but it aaall went OK. Knitting and Stitching Show, tomorrow! So very excited – hopefully I’ll have lots to blog about when I get home. I think that’s about it for now…  x  Edit: […]

Oh la la!

Branching Out I LOVE this colour! Knitting this has been an endurance test. It’s been knitted, ripped out, re-knitted, hurled across the room in anguish, and knitted some more. Only a few more repeats to go, but I don’t want to touch it because I’ve dropped a stitch somewhere in the last repeat and I don’t want […]


Nope, not Jaywalkers… Obligatory silly photo Jaywalkers-pattern scarf! Made with three skeins of 100% new wool (mmmm, itchy) that was found in a charity shop for £1.29. Score! After ripping it out and starting again seven or eight times I finally got it going. I’ve been taking it to college and knitting on the bus […]