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Week 4

… A wee bit belated, but the last week or so just hasn’t really happened, so I’ve been catching up today. When I first thought of doing a project a week, I imagined me doing lots of little things – baby socks (!), the odd pair of mittens, relatively small things. but I also wanted […]

Week 3

This week’s project was a bit of a cop-out… More Two Tone Baby Socks – the same colour as last week’s project, I just couldn’t get the lighting right, boo! … as I had a rather busy weekend. First stop was Gallipoli Bazaar in Islington – a lovely (albeit somewhat pricey for a student!) little […]

Week 2

Well this week I actually did a project without bending the rules of my “Project52” challenge (not quite the same as a “365”, but I’m rolling with it). Two Tone Socks – pattern by Debbie Bliss I’m chuffed with these – I had two-colour socks in mind but I was a bit wary of how […]

Week 1

I’m counting last week as the first week of my “Do one project a week” challenge. And I’ve already sort of bent the rules a bit. I moved to London at the weekend, so things have been a bit hectic, and technically I haven’t really completed a project during the week, BUT I am going […]


Yay for warm hands! Thanks to the lovely Fridica and her advice about knitting in the round, I’ve finally managed to knit something that doesn’t have great gaps where I’ve gone from one needle to another! 😀 I followed her advice with the baby socks in my last post, and I’m so pleased with how […]


In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to start reading Of Mice And Men after spending almost six months reading Emma. I finished Of Mice And Men in a day, which is almost unheard of for me. Granted, it’s a short book, but even for a short book to hold my attention […]

More reasons why I’m a bad blogger

My Lego collection has been expanding 😳 I’ve started back at uni – coupled with a 4 hour commute every day (!) I’m normally too tired to do much worth blogging about! 🙁 Buuuut, I have managed to finish reading Emma (which I started reading in June 😳 ) – Good GOD that was hard […]

Sparkles are the future

I have indeed decided that sparkles and glitter are the future. I was asked to make some cupcakes for a party, and discovered a great little cake supply shop down the road which sold, amongst other things, edible glitter. Now, I know the birthday girl was celebrating turning 25, but pink icing and glitter was […]


Warning: gratuitous FO photos ahead. Mummypop makes an excellent model I’m really happy with this – I was concerned after I cast off that it would be too small, and I wished that I had had enough yarn to make the bigger version, but after a good blocking it was transformed 😀 I’m really glad […]

Yarn reallocation

I spotted these on eBay and couldn’t resist! I wanted a pattern to try them out and I came across this post by Tania and an Ishbel seemed like a good project with which to christen my new needles. I’ve just started the lace pattern and I’ve already made a mistake – I think I […]