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5(ish) reasons why I’ve been a bad blogger

I got a ukulele I rediscovered my love for Lego I had a family day out in London for the first time in about 10 years (One of the memorials at the Memorial Gates at Constitution Hill) I joined my university’s RAG Committee… … Which led to a weekend in Canterbury for a conference I […]

You know it’s been too long since your last post when…

… You have to sign back in to WordPress, even though you left it to “remember me”. My excuse is that the rubbish winter light means I can’t take anything other than appalling photos of things I want to blog about, and I don’t like posting without pictures. Anyway, hopefully that won’t be an issue […]


At the weekend, I went to Leeds to see a few of my friends, and I thought I’d share with you a couple of shops that I recommend 🙂 Firstly was Baa Ram Ewe, a fantastic yarn shop not far from the city centre. When I arrived, they were just finishing a dyeing workshop, so […]


So I’ve actually been doing things lately, shock horror! (I know, I surprised myself). I finished my mum’s Christmas present, for example. The colour looks abit washed out in this photo… … This shows it a little better I started this about 5 days before Christmas last year, so it was a big ask for […]

Buttons, a necklace and gloves

Today I shall be doing what it says on the tin. Polymer clay heart buttons 😀 A result of playing with my new mini cookie cutters! I’m undecided as to whether to make a bracelet out of these, or to list some on Etsy as is. Maybe I should make some more and do both! […]

Ahoy hoy!

Well I survived the dentist’s chair. It was almost pleasant! Didn’t get any beads done today – been napping this afternoon, tentatively eating soup and mashed potato, and trying to ignore the sudden urge to eat pickled onions. I don’t think that would go well at all. x