Introducing… A Creative Thread

A new year, a new start, and a new name!

I’ve always wanted to run my own creative business and for years half-heartedly dabbled in selling handmade things online and to friends and family. I did this under the name SmurfPop, but it never really went anywhere. 

Then last Christmas my life unexpectedly changed course rather drastically, and it provided me with the motivation and determination to throw myself into trying to build a successful business doing what I love. I decided to change names as I never felt SmurfPop really “fit” with what I was trying to do. So A Creative Thread was born!

My intention with A Creative Thread is to design, create and sell both ready-made handmade items, as well as knitting and crochet patterns. It’s a daunting task, but I’ve been so inspired by some amazing people on Instagram who have built their own craft businesses, so I know it can be done! (Shout outs to Chain TwentyMiskunn and The Hook Nook  – you girls rock <3)

Finally, to celebrate, everything in my Etsy shop is currently 15% off until Sunday 4th March – no code or minimum spend required!


Hello Again

I’ve been meaning to write this post all year but didn’t know where to start. Whoops! So I thought I’d just do a big messy post on all the things I haven’t posted about to get things up to date.

Our household grew by one…

Her name is Penny, she is a cockapoo and she is an absolute monkey (but we wouldn’t have her any other way)

She’s 15 months old now and I can’t imagine not having her pottering around the house, stealing socks from the laundry basket and chewing letters that come in the post (or, you know, passports…)

She even has her own Instagram account , if following doggos is your kind of thing…

There’s also been trips to New York, and Lisbon and the Azores (I’ve got to do posts on those, the Azores were AMAZING!)

Seriously, everywhere in the Azores was just. so. picturesque.

And yes, there has even been some crafting going on!

Got to get these on Etsy ASAP…

Can you tell that I’m totally into Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool And The Gang right now? Chunky yarn for life <3

Other highlights of this year include a stunning family wedding, and finally passing my Masters degree (with Merit, even!) and getting to graduate again next month 😀

Here’s to getting back into the swing of blogging – I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to post about but have not known where to start, so let’s see this as the start 😀



Happy New Year!

Best Nine 2016

2016 was, overall, not a bad one for me personally (although of course globally it was an utter shitshow…) Once again I did a terrible job of sticking to my goals for the year, but that’s just par for the course now!

I do, however, have a good feeling about 2017. I have so much planned this year, and I’m very excited to make it a good one!



Happy New Year!

Phew, 2015 was an exciting one! A new house, a cheeky trip to Barcelona, a very happy family announcement on New Year’s eve, and of course lots of knitting – all in all it’s been a good one!

2015 mosaic

I’m nervously anticipating what 2016 will bring; the new year always fills me with a great sense of possibility, and I hope I can capitalise on that this year.

My aims for 2016…

    • Be more organised – 2015 was the year I became a convert to iHeart Organizing (seriously, Jen is my hero), and I would love to bring more structure and organisation to my day-to-day life.
    • Treat my blog and Etsy shop like a job – I’ve had both an Etsy shop and a blog for years, but now more than ever I would like to really develop them, and to do this I need to view it as a job that needs time every day.
    • Try new crafts – I’ve been enviously following quite a few calligraphers on Instagram for a while now, and I finally took the plunge and got myself a calligraphy kit to try it out myself. I’d also like to build on my very basic crochet skills, and possibly even a bit of cross stitch, amongst other things.

Essentials Calligraphy Kit

Lamplighter London Essentials Calligraphy Kit


The marina in beautiful Barcelona


Our bumper crop of delicious sweet cherry tomatoes

Come on 2016, let’s see what you’ve got 🙂


Hello autumn…

hello autumn blog

It’s September 1st, the weather yesterday (a Bank Holiday) was wonderfully dismal, and the only thing slowing down my knitting needles is waiting for more yarn to arrive (hehehe).

Autumn, bring it on.



Happy New Year!

As usual, I’m a liiiittle bit late with my New Year post!

1. Beanie hat, 2. Mittens, 3. Mini Christmas stockings, 4. Fingerless gloves, 5. Vanilla syrup, 6. Mittens, 7. Ishbel shawl, 8. Bias-knit scarf, 9. Avocado + Beetroot Tartare

I’ll be honest, 2014 hasn’t been a good one. House purchases have fallen through, jobs have been lost and there’s been an awful lot of stress and ill health. My resolutions for 2014 have not gone well either. I didn’t graduate as anticipated, I’m finishing the year without a job and I’ve not read a single book this year. All in all, I’m really quite glad to see the end of 2014.

Onwards and upwards, however, and I shall still set myself goals for 2015.

  • Take better care of myself, both physically and mentally – Top of my list is to work on my health. It affects every area of my life and I need to take control of it. I plan on getting more exercise and trying yoga for a start.
  • Get more involved in blogging – I find that blogging (both reading blogs and writing them) sparks my creativity and encourages me to try new things, so I definitely want to blog more. Which leads me to…
  • Create more – whilst I’ve been knitting a lot in 2014, I really want to try creating different things. Whether I dust off my sewing machine, try something like hand lettering or even give a bit of woodwork/DIY a go (!), I’d definitely like to broaden my skills.
  • Graduate – this one appears again this year out of sheer stubbornness rather than anything else.

Come on 2015, let’s do this.



Happy New Year!

2013’s been a funny one. In the respect that, bar graduation and a couple of other (very special) things, it really wasn’t very memorable. And that makes me a bit sad. (It’s also made writing this post rather difficult which is why it’s so late…)

1. knitting-4, 2. Red Grape Margarita, 3. Hand stencilled!, 4. A little light dissertation reading…, 5. Stars – 30.03.2013, 6. Grey Cable Mittens, 7. c, 8. Chunky scarf, 9. Full moon

I’ve done OK with 2013’s resolutions:

  • I graduated! I finished with a 2.1 and started a Masters degree 😀
  • Whilst I didn’t blog once a month, I managed 8 posts – 3 more than 2012…
  • I’ve just finished book #48
  • I reached sale #20 just before Christmas! Quite a surprise to have achieved this one!

My 2014 goals are…

  • Graduate (again) Halfway there…
  • Be employed (This is, embarrassingly, the most terrifyingly difficult goal by far)
  • Read 60 books on the list
  • Do more good deeds


7 Years (and 1 day…)

I’ll be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve even looked at WordPress. And as it happens, apparently yesterday marked 7 years since I joined WordPress. 7 years and 165 posts. Terrible.

I do cringe when I see my first posts (please tell me I’m not alone in that…) but then I remind myself how much I’ve learned since I first started – about taking pictures, about knitting and sewing, and about my abilities in general.

From this…

… To this


… To this (hand stencilled, fully lined and interfaced – it’s even got fancy zip ends!)

Oh jeez…

Bit prouder of this one…

I’m sure in another 7 years I’ll be cringeing again, but that’s for Future Smurf to worry about. In the meantime, I shall keep on learning.


Red Grape Margarita

Because why not? It’s been a hot day, and a frustrating day (Credit scoring, what the eff is that all about?!) Anyway, I make it Margarita O’Clock.

Ice (of course)
2 tbsp Tequila
1 tbsp Triple Sec/Cointreau
Juice of 1 lime
Dash of red grape juice

Ahhhhhh, lovely



Happy New Year! What a year 2012 has been!

For me personally, the first, oh, three-quarters of it was pretty rubbish (bar the Olympics. The Olympics were AMAZING), but the last three months have been so hectic and demanding (hence my appalling lack of posts) but also incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Although my life since September has been little more than lectures, essays, presentations, meetings and exams, it’s been wonderful to be back at uni, and I’m really looking forward to the next semester and beyond.

1. CAEK, 2. Interrailing, 3. Obligatory plane photo, 4. Orange/lemon cupcakes, 5. Blue Mittens, 6. Red Arrows, 7. Wedding cupcakes, 8. Mittens, 9. Red Arrows, 10. Moon, 11. Citron Mittens, 12. Merry Christmas

With regards to last year’s resolutions, I’ve actually pretty much fulfilled them all!

  • I’ve been eating much more healthily, and I feel all the better for it.
  • I reached 39 books read on my list – whopped my target!
  • I only visited one country, but I went twice, so that counts, right?

My resolutions for 2013?

  • Graduate with a BA – only one semester left…!
  • Blog once a month – no, really. Five posts in the whole of 2012 is just embarrassing.
  • Reach 50 books read on my book list – currently on #40.
  • Reach 20 sales on Etsy – this one actually seems the hardest of the lot…!

What about you, any resolutions for the new year?