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Those of you in the UK will probably know of Sainsbury’s recipe cards – free cards with cheap recipes for family meals, drinks and desserts. We’ve been collecting them (new ones come out periodically) and trying out some of the recipes, with varying results. Tonight we tried out the paella – a traditional Spanish dish […]

Baby strawberries!

Tiny strawberries on my strawberry plants 🙂 I bought these last month (at my friend’s Swedish Midsommar party, funnily enough) but I only got round to planting them yesterday. There were a few strawberries that had gone bad so I took those off and put the plants in a pot on the patio (fingers crossed […]


My bento box arrived last week, all the way from Japan. Errrm, yeah… Second attempt at sushi Noodles with peas This was very much “wing it and hope” – I cooked some noodles and threw some onion, peas, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce and black bean sauce into a frying pan and it turned out […]

Back to proper posts!

Right, that last post was a bit gushy, eh? Anyway. Back to the proper stuff. Sock-cover-thing for my DS Lite Pleased with this – it was trial and error getting the size right but I think it’s all right. The mattress stitch and grafting was actually quite nice to do (sewing seams… NICE?!) Anyway, I’ve […]


Mum suggested I try and post every day this week, but I seem to have overlooked yesterday. Oh well. Organic pasta with feta, basil and peas. This was dinner last night, which I cooked – that’s a first! Pasta is probably the only thing that we buy organic, but my is it tasty. Lemon and […]


First attempt at making sushi I got the sushi nori from a local Chinese import shop (which also stocks Japanese things.) I like looking around – it’s always a challenge trying to figure out what’s on the food shelves, although I did spot a translated label on a bag in the freezer which said “Frozen […]