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I did get my act together! I’ve just listed a new bracelet on Etsy, and I’m very excited. I always get really nervous about listing on Etsy – what if it doesn’t sell? What if no-one likes it? But hey, you don’t know til you try, right? I also tested the waterproofness (yes, that IS […]


Polymer clay bead bracelet You may remember seeing these beads before – that bracelet was ill-fated, as the wire snapped the first time I wore it 🙁 I’m definitely glad I wore it before I put it on Etsy! However, I have been wearing the new improved version since I made it a few days […]

Etsy <3

OK, so I’m a bit addicted to Etsy at the moment… More hangers I made these last weekend, which brings my current Etsy inventory to a towering two. But you’ve got to start somewhere, hey! I really want to get cracking and make some more of these but the shop where I get the hangers […]

Quick update…

Not much going on – the hat I was knitting was ripped out because I forgot where I was in my made-up-not-written-down-see-how-it-goes pattern. But this afternoon I made some more hangers… Hanger set #3!  so I’ve just put those in my Etsy shop 🙂 Hopefully there’ll be another item or two in there by next […]


I made my first sale on Etsy! 😀 Now I need to make more things to list, because the buyer bought two items! (Actually, the only two items in my shop…) Oh, and I finished the mittens – I’ve been wearing them all day and have been having great trouble doing things like using my […]