I did get my act together! I’ve just listed a new bracelet on Etsy, and I’m very excited. I always get really nervous about listing on Etsy – what if it doesn’t sell? What if no-one likes it? But hey, you don’t know til you try, right?

I also tested the waterproofness (yes, that IS a word) of the varnish, as I was a bit nervous about it. Turns out it is fine! Hurrah! Although in the process of testing it I did manage to spill half the jar all over my desk, cutting mat and beads. Not so hurrah.

Converting everything to and fro between pounds and dollars is a pain, especially as the exchange rate is no longer roughly £1 = $2 🙁 But the Etsy spreadsheet has proved useful in working out fees and material costs etc.

Anyway, I shall make some more beads tonight, and hopefully have another bracelet or two to list in the next couple of days! 😀



Polymer clay bead bracelet

You may remember seeing these beads before – that bracelet was ill-fated, as the wire snapped the first time I wore it 🙁 I’m definitely glad I wore it before I put it on Etsy! However, I have been wearing the new improved version since I made it a few days ago and it has held up perfectly 🙂

I really enjoyed making this from start to finish – the beads are nice and simple to make (and I kind of like how they all have bits of my fingerprints in them, it’s like having a bit of me in what I make 🙂 However, I watch far too much CSI and am now paranoid I’ll be framed for some horrible crime or something.) The varnishing stage is a bit faffy, but I love stringing the beads onto the elastic – I always wondered why children are often given wooden beads and thread to play with, but I can totally understand it! It’s so calming and mindless. I often have to take beads off as I’ve put far too many on the thread, haha.

Anyway, hopefully I can get my act together this weekend and get some more bracelets made, to list on Etsy. I downloaded a nifty little spreadsheet from Etsy and had a play with it last night. There’s something I find fun about playing with spreadsheets and seeing the formulae doing their thing (bearing in mind I hate maths. But now I want to fill it up for real 😀


PS – congratulations America! We had a little party on Tuesday to celebrate Obama’s inauguration. Here’s to the next four years!

Etsy <3

OK, so I’m a bit addicted to Etsy at the moment…

More hangers

I made these last weekend, which brings my current Etsy inventory to a towering two. But you’ve got to start somewhere, hey! I really want to get cracking and make some more of these but the shop where I get the hangers from is out of stock >.<

I’ve seriously been on Etsy SO much recently; posting on the forums, in chat, even in the Virtual Labs (such a cool feature!) and it’s so much fun chatting to people and seeing some of the amazing things people make. I also saw the Gocco How-To video and now I want a Gocco! Although they are seemingly very hard to get hold of in the UK, and very expensive! Plus I just don’t get how the ink doesn’t go everywhere… Anyway, yay, Etsy 😀

I’ve come up with a pattern for crochet string bags and I want to make some for Etsy ASAP, but finding organic cotton yarn (preferably handspun) has proved hard, although I’ve found some on… Etsy 😀 I’m going to buy that next week so I can get cracking over Easter.

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit, things have been good and not so good and busy and lethargic and not very productive! But I’ve handed in a couple of quite big pieces of college work so I feel more positive and less stressed out – I stress because I know I have work to do but I avoid it and then I feel guilty for avoiding it and in my guilt I don’t do anything.



Quick update…

Not much going on – the hat I was knitting was ripped out because I forgot where I was in my made-up-not-written-down-see-how-it-goes pattern. But this afternoon I made some more hangers…

Hanger set #3!

 so I’ve just put those in my Etsy shop 🙂 Hopefully there’ll be another item or two in there by next weekend.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend, we made sushi yesterday. We need to invest in a sharper knife though, it got a bit messy!



I made my first sale on Etsy! 😀

Now I need to make more things to list, because the buyer bought two items! (Actually, the only two items in my shop…)

Oh, and I finished the mittens – I’ve been wearing them all day and have been having great trouble doing things like using my iPod and getting things out of my bag! But warm fingers are worth it.

I find it quite a bit easier to quickly update my Ravelry notebook with small project updates than to type and format posts here, so if I don’t post for a while don’t think I’m not here, just look at my Ravelry! But I’ll still post here of course, and I’m aiming to do so more regularly (and with more interesting stuff :P)

Anyway, woooo! 😀